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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance companies assign claims through
At the request of our clients, we do not disclose names of specific users. We can tell you that our forms are used daily by the same insurance carriers, brokers, and TPA's, that make offline assignments to third party service providers.

Is a "claims referral network"?
No. We provide forms that allow any claims service provider to begin accepting online assignments. We do not promote this a "referral network", through which we will send new claims to your company. However, all clients will be added to our Claims Directory at, which is used by thousands of claims professionals to locate service providers throughout the US. These clients will be able to make assignments directly to your company, through your listing in our Claims Directory.

What types of companies subscribe to
Our forms are used by independent adjusting forms, private investigators, environmental services companies, restoration companies, and other specialty claims service providers. We also service national, state, and local claims associations, who use our forms on their web sites to provide online assignment capabilities to their member companies.

Do companies really use the Internet to assign claims?
Yes! Use of the Internet for assigning claims is growing everyday, as it is simply the most convenient and economical way to complete this process. The key issue is the form design. Poorly designed forms will get used - once! A well-designed form that makes this process easier for your clients will be used again and again! Over 400 claims providers are using our forms, so our forms designs have been tested thoroughly.

How do I sign-up for service?
Signing up for is made quick and easy. First, you select a subscription package, based upon the number of forms (types) you need. After you've completed the online payment process, you'll be directed to a form form entering details about your company. We will then open an account for your company and setup the assignment forms that you request. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail from us, along with a link (URL) to each form. You can immediately add this link to your Web site to begin receiving online assignments.
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If you prefer to enroll offline, please call us during normal business hours at 504-388-3256, and we'll setup your account while you are on the telephone.

What does it cost to submit an assignment using
Submitting an assignment via our forms is absolutely free. We charge an annual subscription fee for using our service, and there is no additional usage fee for our cleints or yours.

How do I receive the assignment once it gets submitted?
When an assignment form is completed and submitted, the results are transmitted as an e-mail message to the addresses you specify during enrollment.

Please note that you must provide a working email address, and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you maintain an active email address. If you address changes, you MUST contact us to update our records.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

How do my clients get to the forms?
Once we open your account, you will receive a Web address (URL or "link") to each of your forms. This link is unique for each form and can only be used to submit an assignment to your company. To use the forms, your clients will simply click the link for the type of assignment being made, enter the assignment information, and click submit. That's it!

If your company has a Web site, the link should be placed there, so it can be accessed by all visitors. The form links can also be added below your name (or anywhere) in your e-mails, so clients can simply click the link from your e-mail to open the form. This is a great way to announce this new service to your clients, as they can read the announcement and click to make an immediate assignment!

The links can also be shown in any electronic file, including a Word document, or the link can be displayed in your printed materials.

Additionally, all clients will be listed in our Claims Directory, which is an online, nationwide directory of companies that services the Property and Casualty claims market. Your company display page will include the links to your forms, which means we market your company for you!
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How do I add my form to my Web page?
Adding your forms to your Web page (or anywhere else) is as easy as copying the link (URL) for that form, and the process takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Once you have signed up, we will send you an e-mail with the unique URL for each of your forms. We will include the HTML code for adding the forms to your Web site, e-mail, and other electronic medium.

What if I don't have a Web page?
You still have several options for accepting online assignments. One way is through your company's listing in our Claims Directory. When you enroll for our services, we'll add your company to our national directory of claims service providers. The Claims Directory is hosted on the Claims-Portal Web site, which receives over 30,000 hits each week. This means that your company is exposed to thousands of potential new clients! A basic listing is included at no additional charge. You can also elect to become a
Sponsor company in the Claims Directory:
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What if my company has more than one office?
You'll need to purchase a "Branch Office Listing" for each location, other than your main office. These listings are available for only $25/location/year. When you enter the information for these branches, the same forms will be setup for all locations, at no additional costs. And, the assignment results will be sent to the email address entered for each of your branches.

What if I don't see a form for submitting a certain type assignment?
The home page of lists all currently available forms. During enrollment, you will select which forms you need, based on the services your company provides. As our service grows, we will continually add new forms for various types of providers and assignments. You can request a specific type of form, by using our
Support Form, and we will let you know if the requested form is one that we will add to our form selection. If it is, we will create a forms and make it available (usually within a few days), and this will not involve any addition charges to you.

If we do not plan to add a form to our selection, we will be happy to create a customized form to match your exact requirements. The cost of such a form varies greatly, depending mostly upon the number of fields and the flow of the form. Please call or use the Support Form to request additional information about custom forms.

Can I create my own form?
Sure, will create and host almost any form, according to your exact requirements. To request a custom form, or to simply obtain additional information, please use the
Support Form above.

What if I change my e-mail address?
Clients are allowed to change their e-mail address for each form once during the annual service agreement period, without being charged. Additional changes will be made for $25 each.

How will my clients know if they have sucessfully submitted an assignment?
Upon clicking the submit button at the end of a form, users will see a message stating that the assignment has been successfully submitted. This onscreen message will include your primary phone number, so they can call if needed.

Also, an automated e-mail message will be sent to the client, confirming that the assignment has been correctly submitted. This message will also iclude your phone number. Please note that this is NOT a confirmation that you have actually received the assignment results.

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