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Claims handling is moving to the Internet... Now, any claims company can receive claim assignments via the Internet, from any insurer or other client. You don't even need a web site! Our claim forms are easy to access and easy to complete, and clients rave about the convenience.

insurance claims forms

Is your claims company ready? Getting started is easy! Complete a short form - we'll setup your claim forms, and your clients can begin submitting claims immediately! Please review our Services and Pricing sections for additional details, then Click Here to enroll your claims company!

Over 450 claim providers use our claim forms! From one-man claim shops to international claims associations, our claim forms are the right solution for your claims business.

Confirmation message on-screen, and emailed to submitting party
Upload photos and other documents with assignments
NEW OPTION - .csv file attachment for auto file setup
Easily add forms to your web site, e-mails, letterhead, etc.
Includes listing in our National Claims Directory
Over 400 clients nationwide, pleased with our services
Program available for claims networks, associations

Your account is setup within one business day
Costs a fraction of designing/hosting forms in-house
No maintenance/hosting costs; Includes free upgrades
No software - any client can immediately submit assignments
Instantly puts your company on the "cutting-edge"
Receive results within minutes of when client submits assignment
Your clients will love the convenience!

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